Tips to Follow When Getting a Tattoo

From tribal to abstract and watercolor there are heaps of tattoo designs for men and women to select from. People have these gorgeous designs tattooed on their body to express themselves, especially if their design has a certain symbolism. If you are looking for a tattoo studio Richmond has in its suburbs, you can get rad designs from Sacred Monkey Tattoo. Here customers can get their very own customised unique designs from small to large scales. Their professional tattoo artists will create a beautiful design from portraits to geometric shapes that fit the wants of their customer. If you are new to getting a tattoo, here are some tips to follow to make your experience worthwhile.


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1. Research on Your Designs

Before visiting a tattoo studio in Richmond, take the time to decide what kind of tattoo you really want. Do not get your design on an impulse, this can lead to regretting the design you got that is already permanently tattooed on your body. Take the time to think about what kind of designs you want, research on its references, come up with a description of your soon-to-be tattoo when people ask what it means. Be creative, if you get to explain the story behind your tattoo design, that would make you appreciate your tattoo design even more. In Sacred Monkey Tattoo, you can ask the tattoo artists to help you select from their variety of designs. Click here Sacred Monkey Tattoo

2. Consider the Placement of Your Tattoo

Once deciding the tattoo design, the next thing to do is think where you want to place it. Choosing where you want to place it is a big commitment so you really have to think through, as long as where you plan to put it makes you feel comfortable. Take note that getting a tattoo that is closer to the surface of your skin especially your foot, knee, ribs or ankles will be extra painful.

3. Make Sure You are Prepared Physically and Mentally

Before getting a tattoo, make sure that you are hydrated and fed well before getting a tattoo. The first time is going to hurt a little, but once you are used to the pain, it won’t feel so bad after all. It is advised by any Richmond tattoo studio owner and artist to wear comfortable clothes such as loose shirts and jeans for easy access to your tattoo.

  1. Take Care of Your Tattoo

Once you got your tattoo, make sure to take care of it right afterward to ensure a smooth healing process. The healing process will usually take within two months. Make sure that the medicines you get are not expired and are recommended by your tattoo artists in any tattoo studio Richmond has. Take care of yourself more by researching on some tattoo aftercare procedures.

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