Roof Construction: The Flat Roof Vs The Sloping One For Your New Home

With the land and property value on the rise in most areas in Australia, buying land in 2017 to build your dream home has never been more achievable. If you have already bought your land, you may be looking for architects, builders and your local roof safety systems Brisbane professionals install, who can work with you to make your vision come true.

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The following article breaks down the age old war between modern flat roof homes versus the 20th-century classic sloped shingle roof.

Flat Roofs

Not only do they look more stylish, flat roofs can save you a ton because they are considered to be more energy efficient. If you are building your first home, imagine how much you can save instead of having to pay for roof installation. Since the surface area is considerably less than a sloping roof, you will be saving more money, which can be allotted to a different part of the home. According to many roof safety systems Brisbane residents opt for, flat surfaced roofs are usually leveled with gravel or tar, but you can also consider copper or tin if you are building a family getaway home. Not only will it look rustic, you can easily install solar panels efficiently on a flat surfaced roof.

You can even speak with your builder into turning your flat roof into a “live” one. This would require experienced builders and a firm that installs Brisbane roof safety systems to go ahead and give you the green signal to add soil, turf, and plants of your choice to turn your roof into a garden. This may also save you a ton on energy bills since the grass and vegetation will keep your roof protected from a glaring sun and allow your home to stay cool and ventilated, even without having to use air-conditioning. The flat roof also has a more appealing aesthetic than the old school sloping roof. More homes in the future will have flat surface roofs to utilize better space and allow families to have an efficient way to add more floors in the future. Check out us at Speedsafe

Sloped Roof

A sloped roof will always remind you of home. When children draw pictures, they still draw homes with angled roofs because it is so built into the human psyche. Depending on where you live, a sloped roof could possibly be a good idea. If it rains a lot in your area, a sloped roof may allow water to drain away, avoiding leaks through the ceilings and walls, which may occur at times with flat surfaced roofs. A sloped roof, however, requires a certain amount of maintenance which you must budget for. According to certain roof safety systems in Brisbane or other metropolitan areas, a sloped roof has an estimated lifespan of fifteen years. In case you are planning to stay in your home that you are building for longer than that, you need to realize a sloped roof will require professionals that install roof safety systems Brisbane wide. Also, they come in and assess if any change of shingles is required. They also check stripping of any tar that is causing leaks then.

Once you weigh your pros and cons you can get in touch with some of the firms that offer best roof safety systems in your local area by visiting websites like .