More of Your Questions on Electric Gates Answered

Are you wondering whether to install non-electric or electric gates?



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While both offer safety and security, the automation features of an electric gate give it an edge over a manually operated gate. This is especially true, with a wide range of automation systems and access controls that can be integrated into the security product.


Still, it can’t be helped if you have questions about electric gates Midlands suppliers offer. This article aims to answer them.


How secure is an electric gate?


Combined with electric locks and access controls, electric gates can be highly secure. The solid and imposing design, make it even more effective in preventing unwanted intrusions and break-ins.


For maximum protection, it is highly recommended to combine the gate with other security features. All of which you can get from a supplier of an automatic gate.


How does an electric gate operate?


It uses an electric motor to open and close. It may be powered by either an AC or DC source and then connected to a gearbox. The gearbox is then connected to the gate itself.


The gate opens and closes when the drive cog is powered by the electricity that turns the gearbox.


The power of electric gates is determined by the reduction ratio of the gearbox and the RPM.


What materials are commonly used in an electric gate?


Most domestic and commercial electric gates Northampton clients recommend are made of wood, metal or wrought iron. There are other materials used, but these three are the most reliable and durable. Visit to learn more.


How much does an electric gate cost?


The price often depends on the material used, design and size of the gate. A 3-m gate, for example, will cost around $1,900. But if you opt for a more elaborate one, it will cost up to $2,054 with the same dimension.


The price will include, motors, wireless, receiver, hinges and other parts. It may exclude installation cost. So make sure to ask if the co provided is inclusive of labour.


Can a non-electric gate be converted into electric?


The answer depends on several factors:


  • Age and state of repair of the existing gate
  • Posts
  • Hinges
  • Leaf alignment
  • Overall layout of the site


It is possible that the existing gate may not allow for the wiring and programming of the control panel or accommodate the geometry of the automation system. Thus, the need to have a check beforehand.


Will you be able to open an electric gate during a power failure?


Yes. But you have to do so using the manual release keys that are provided following an installation. These come complete with instructions on how to release the automation system.


If an electric gate is equipped with a battery backup, you can rely on that to operate instead.


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